Sattva Drum
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El Sattva Drum es un instrumento de acero resonante, fue diseñado para permitir una improvisación libre y exploración meditativa de sonidos. Es el instrumento ideal para quien desea relacionarse de cerca con la música sin tener ningún tipo de conocimiento musical. Todas las notas en el Sattva Drum son asonantes. Es decir, no existe una nota que desentone con las otras. Lo cual hace que el jugar con los sonidos, sea mucho más fácil y no requiera ninguna técnica para crear una hermosa melodía con facilidad. Se puede tocar de varias formas: Con la punta de los dedos, los pulgares o baquetas (Especiales para Sattva Drum), incluso mezclando las tres a la vez. La mayoría de las veces, el Sattva Drum se coloca sobre las piernas del ejecutante, sobre una almohadilla o un soporte. Podrás escuchar y elegir previamente la combinación de notas (Escala) que tu Sattva Drum llevará. Esto es lo más recomendado.

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Does NEWTOMS Work Onsite Or Offsite?

We have completed our projects using a combination of onsite/offsite approach in order to avoid productivity an operation disruption and customer’s employee time monopolization whilst having adequate face to face time with key project players.

What’s Typical Size Of A Project?

Majority of our projects are successfully completed in a range of 1.5 to 3.5 months; however, if by nature any of our project require longer time, then we plan it and execute it with “Quick wins” deliveries that allow the project sponsor to benefit from results along the way until project completion.

How Does NEWTOMS Conduct Project Administration?

We always appoint an Strategic Consultant as key advisor due to the specialized nature of the projects we do, he or she typically has more than 10 years of experience involved with complex data collection, mediation or interconnect projects and his/her knowledge and experience encompasses major projects with leading players around the globe. Our Project Managers are prepared to tackle a fast track-quick result oriented project or a full PMI best practices. We typically work 7 x 24 because we work with specialist strategically located in different geographies and time zones around the world and we use web-based platforms to document projects, requirements, status progress, attachments, clarifications, etc.

How Does NEWTOMS Secure Good Testing, UAT, And Quality?

Testing is the foundation of our reputation and customer satisfaction, therefore when we complete the unit test activities in any project, we provide a complete unit test matrix documentation to our customers, and this approach has proven crucial for our customers to conduct proper UAT. During UAT, we provide handholding support so we can quickly identify and correct any potential issues and also make sure we guide the customer to test all possible angles of the solution being tested.

What Tools & Methods Does NEWTOMS Use?

We use a variety of methods and practices from PMI, Agile SCRUM software development with great success, however, as part of our situation appraisal methodology we always validate our customer preferred practice, methods and tools and discuss the best way to adapt and use that makes more sense for the project.Among the tools we use, we use web-based JIRA-Atlassians for project and issues management.

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