Sattva Gong 80cm

El gong produce un sonido fundamental del cual se desprende un universo de armónicos y sobretonos capaces de expandir hasta el infinito los sentidos y la mente de quien lo escucha. Sus profundas y largas vibraciones penetran en el cuerpo y armonizan sus delicadas frecuencias con el ritmo biológico del universo. Se dice que no existe mente que pueda resistirse al poder del sonido de un Gong, es una poderosa herramienta para la expansión de la conciencia. 

12 o 18 cuotas 
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How high are the Foldaway Rug Racks…..

The racks are 1.0m. high by 1.3m. long but because all orders are custom built we can alter the design to suit. All orders will include the fold-away feature for saving space when not in use. The topside of each rack is varnished to protect the timber from those wet and soggy rugs.

Do prices include GST......

Yes. The published prices are final prices

Can you make my jump rails to various lengths….

Yes, any length to a max of 3m. for timber rails.

Is there a range of colours for my jump rails….

Yes. Please see our Pony Colour Palette where we have a range of 8 bright colours.

How many colours per jump rail…

Normally 1 to 3 colours to keep a good balance of colour matching over the ~3m. length. We can add extra colours @ $10 per extra within the range displayed

How long to wait for my order to be completed…..

We set completion deadlines at 2- 3 weeks from the date of your orders for Wing sets, Fillers, Dazzle Boards, Rug Racks, Saddle Stands and Stable Name Plates.

For jump rails we will ask you to approve an artwork colour proof before we begin production - then 2 weeks to completion. Your approval ensures you will receive the colour combos you are expecting for each rail.

How big are the fillers…..

The current stock of “Rainbows” is 800mm. across the base (diameter). We can produce any width up to 800mm. Please note there is a minimum of 2 Fillers of the same image per order for custom made designs.

What colour is the wording on the Stable Name Plate….

We are offering the Stable Name Plate printed in black with a wide range of fonts for you to choose from.

How high are the Saddle Stands…….

The stands are 920mm. high x 800mm. long, in pine and unpainted to avoid any staining on your saddle. Because all orders are custom built we can alter the design for you as needed.

What material do you use to make my jump rails

We offer jump rails in traditional timber poles - 100mm diameter and up to 3m. long. Timber is the preferred option so your horse learns the feel of the heavier rail, as it will be in competitions.


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